August song a day challenge

Since my debut album was released in 2014 I’ve been touring the UK and Europe with John Bramwell. Having not had the chance to sit and write for a while I set myself a challenge to write and post a song each day throughout August whilst touring the festival circuit with my family in our caravan ‘Aurora’.

I then spent September and October in the recording studio working hard to create album number two. I’m pleased to announce that my new album ‘Songs from Aurora’ will be released in Spring 2019. Here’s an overview of all 31 songs that I wrote with a little help from my friends:

What inspired the song a day? I read a book called Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert that talks about turning up ever day to create - I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys creating in any way. I also chatted to an artist friend of mine Debbie Wattis who drew a picture every day for a year to document a transition in her life. Looking through her journey fascinated me and inspired me to post a song a day.

Why the challenge? I have an album to finish next month which is only half written at the moment due to a case of writer's block - over the past few years I’ve only written a handful of songs. I’ve been telling myself that it's because I’ve had so little time between growing my company, touring Europe and juggling family life. After reading a great book on creativity called Big Magic and talking to an artist friend of mine, I have realised that no matter what the result, it’s important just to turn up every day and create until inspiration comes.

On this page you can view all 31 days of August along with the lyrics and a blog entry I made each day. I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I did.