10 AUGUST 2018

DAY 10

Song name: Eternal Road
Instrument and key: Guitar C
Creation time: 2.5 hours


He said he’d always wanted
A blonde and blue eyed girl
When he left she was a young soul
And it shook the foundations of your world

But your hands were made for working and that’s
Just what you did
Head down raised such a strong woman from
A scared little kid

You couldn’t be more alright
So strong over all this time
A friend and shoulder when I want to hold you
And you’re still a dreamer
You’re such a rock for us
Still sold out for your cause
Over all this time You make it look so light
The way you hold Our heavy load

Some things are best left forgotten
And some things you’ve got to hold
He’ll be so proud of you mamma
When you meet down that eternal road

Our lost love

Weather report:
Rainy morning, sunny afternoon and evening.

Doing today?
Travelling from Shepton Mallet to Oxbridge in Warwickshire, staying in our friends cottage, night in local pub.

Feeling today?
Thinking about life.

Who/what inspired you?
We did a facebook live video asking for ideas for songs and my brother Andy suggested writing a song for mum. A friend Steve sent a rough song idea to me and I took the main three chords as the base and worked on my own melody and lyrics.

Song about:
Mum holding everything together after dad died. She has just passed on our youngest sister to get married - she was 11 at the time. We had a talk about her feeling like she’s completed her job and that it’s a definite end to this era of her life, which is both sad and happy. It’s about closure and looking to the next chapter.