11 AUGUST 2018

DAY 11

Song name: Muswell Hill Society
Instrument and key: Guitar A
Creation time:
10 minutes


He likes his beer too much to stay thin
Even in his soft drinks he’s sneaking gin
And in his coffee he likes a whisky
He’s the local northerner in your community
He goes to work to earn his pay
But he’s only happy when it’s a brew day

He was just a little boy from gee cross
Moved down to the big smoke and now pretends to be posh
Treads on grapes then it’s a waiting game
Red footprints everywhere drives his family insane
And by his side is the beauty he wed
When he’s feeling blue she cheers him up with red

Because he’s part of the muswell hill society
So bottoms up and have another drink with me

Weather report:
Sunny morning, cloudy from midday.

Doing today?
Becky who we are staying with is a photographer so we did an album photoshoot in her lake. Emerging from the water seems fitting for this journey of working my way through writer's block. There was something incredible about falling back into the water - being submerged in the water felt like a new start, like I’d unlocked something through doing this challenge. Becky and I talked about what water symbolises the night before and I felt like she really got the concept for the shoot. We headed off down to London for my uncle Rick’s birthday party. He runs Front Row for me in North London and is also a television and film director.

Feeling today?
Feel like I’ve broken the back of this challenge now and that makes me feel good. We’ve left the caravan at the cottage while we travel into London so everything feels lighter.

Who/what inspired you?
Rick’s birthday.

Song about: