12 AUGUST 2018

DAY 12

Song name: Falling upwards
Instrument and key: Guitar D
Creation time: 25 minutes


Falling upwards
Falling upwards

Troubles to left of me worries to the right
I’ll stick to the middle ground and roll towards the light
I’ll keep on moving till I’m nowhere sight
And I’ll keep burning your flame when they turn down the lights

Talk to the sea about me and ask, why, I’m, falling upwards into the sky

Choo choo

The wheels have started turning, running through my mind
Today I’m gonna board that train and leave it all behind
I’m leaving home, towards that open road
Putting all my troubles aside and I’m gonna keep on moving

Talk to the sea about and ask, why, I’m, falling upwards into the sky

Falling upwards
Falling upwards

Weather report:
Cloudy with bits of sun and rain.

Doing today?
Spent the morning with the Platts and went for a tapas lunch in Muswell Hill, then on to our friend Loretta’s for a bbq. Great to hang out with her, her sister Natasha and her husband Craig - they’re all musicians and great fun.

Feeling today?

Who/what inspired you?
A conversation about moving on through hard times and not seeing them as a bad thing but a necessary thing to shape who you are. We chatted about the Richard Rohr book falling upwards and it resonated.

Song about:
Not looking back in a negative way and always learning and keeping moving.