13 AUGUST 2018

DAY 13

Song name: Shaking chains
Instrument and key: Guitar C
Creation time: 1.5 hours


Took this old heart of yours
Tried to power it up it didn’t take much charge
Didn’t take much charge
Blood is rushing through your veins
Want to feel that rush so hook me up to your mains
Together we’ll break your shaking chains

What do you do when everything you ever want
Comes true all at one time and then takes a nosedive
Real life has let you down stripped the jewel’s from your crown
Turned to your friends to find there was just one around


Now you don’t have to try so hard to float
Now when storm hits it hardly rocks the boat
When they shout you down you don’t need to make a sound
You won the fight the minute you put your weapons down


Weather report:

Doing today?
Unpacking the caravan, setting up for spotlight sessions at the office, watching a film with the kids.

Feeling today?
Can’t be bothered.

Who/what inspired you?
A lyric I’ve had knocking around my head for a while which is the opening line.

Song about:
Breaking someone free from a snare in their life.