2 AUGUST 2018


Song name: Partner in Crime
Instrument and key: Guitar C#m
Creation time: 3 hours


I’ll sing you lullabies, I’ll be your alibi
Oh baby don’t you cry
As strong as you are, the road stretches so far
But I’ll be your partner in crime

When I feel I’ve fallen from grace
I take one look at your sleeping face
How could I ever be a failure
When that’s the best sight that I’ll see all year

You got so much spirit that it hurts my heart
Cheeky attitude but yet so smart
You’re at your best when you’re helping
Got so much drive in you for working


You may be small but your voice is big
So observant and empathetic
You swim in shallow water but your soul runs deep
And I love you all the way from your head to your feet

You busy yourself without a care
And when you feel pain your soul is bared
You got a flare for the dramatic
With your hungry heart so energetic

Weather report:
Grey and cloudy morning but sunny afternoon.

Doing today?
Lazy day, kids made friends playing in campsite park and having water fights, writing songs, pizza in campsite cafe.

Feeling today?
Feeling a bit of pressure to write so it’s taking up a lot of the day - don’t want songs to sound forced but need to get faster at throwing them together.

Who/what inspired you?
Nico hummed a melody to me so I started with that and came up with chords, lyrics and verse melody.

Song about:
Nico and all of her eccentric ways.