24 AUGUST 2018

DAY 24

Song name: Modern Love
Instrument and key: Guitar Ab
Creation time: 3 hours


Stuck in the middle of love and loss and all you did
You speak in riddles - everyone one has to decipher it

Your eyes they light up every time you look at your phone with those undertones
Your heart aches because it’s been replaced by dots and code and a neon glow

You’re never here and when you are you’re miles away
How you appear to the world is now the world today

It’s clear that you were in love in a world gone by when love caught your eye
Your heart aches your hands begin to shake when you realise life passed you by

As I wait for the fall to come my mind wanders to a time we used to know
When a union was more than clicking thumbs - we got along and made conversation

Weather report:

Doing today?
Hanging around the house writing song ideas down.

Feeling today?
Tired from last night and finding it difficult to write a song.

Who/what inspired you?
People's addiction to social media.

Song about:
It’s my take on a relationship breakdown due to social media devices being held in higher esteem than people - not autobiographical and slightly tongue in cheek but there are some home truths in it.