27 AUGUST 2018

DAY 27

Song name: Keep Your Head High
Instrument and key: Guitar C
Creation time: 20 minutes


You know I still miss you on a Saturday night
Running round the town like a satellite
After midnight you know you shone so bright need to see you

They’re gonna love you, they’re gonna love you
They’re gonna love you, keep your head high
I’m gonna miss you, I’m gonna miss you
I’m gonna miss you, but it ain't goodbye

You never did care for the little details
Everyone remembers the trains that derailed
Soon they’re hanging off your coat tails wanna be you


Good to see you brother living out your dream
Keep on no matter how hard it seems
Not there to make friends but only memories if it kills you


Weather report:
Cold and a bit wet.

Doing today?
Breakfast with mum and sisters, took the kids skating, went round to our friend’s for tea and drinks.

Feeling today?
Getting by with a sore head.

Who/what inspired you?
Sion moving to France.

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