3 AUGUST 2018


Song name: Shake it
Instrument and key: Guitar A
Creation time: 3 hours


It’s a long way from here
But I can see it ahead
Though the end isn’t clear
Just let your heart lead your head

You got a drive for destruction
Weighing down on your heart
Trying to shake off the fear
Before your world falls apart

Can you help me and I’ll help you

You can make it, and then break it
And I’ll shake it right back to you
It’s not worth it, trying to force it
You can do it I’m gonna pull you through
Shake it right back to you

Walking out when it hurts you
Hiding away like a child
’Cause those memories are painful
And over time turned you wild

And there’s a battle inside you
That you can’t take anymore
I cut the weight from your ankles
You start to swim for the shore

Can you help me and I’ll help you


You’re not alone
Not on your own this time

Weather report:
Sunny morning in Devon grey cloudy afternoon-eve in Cornwall

Doing today?
Travelling from Sidmouth to Cornwall for another festival.

Feeling today?
Amazed at the response on Facebook - nearly had 3000 views in 2 days and loads of comments and interaction. Wasn’t sure if people would be interested. Feeling less pressure than yesterday to write but I came up with most of today's song yesterday because I knew I’d be travelling today. I’m going to try to stick to writing on the day rather than in advance because I want to capture the feeling and the moment on that day. Kids are tired - loads of late nights living the tour life.

Who/what inspired you?
I sang the first thing that popped into my mind and worked around this theme - didn’t have a clue what I was writing about until near the end of the song I just went with a feeling which is how I write most of the time.

Song about:
Pulling someone through a hard time.