31 AUGUST 2018

DAY 31

Song name: Love is a weapon
Instrument and key: Electric Guitar G
Creation time: 2 hours


Love is a weapon

Laughter, I need to find out what you’re after
Laughter’s separation laughter is the cure
Laughter kicks until it doesn’t want you anymore
Like a man's ambition always trying to mask the truth
It's all fun, elation until it points its laughing finger at you

But love is a weapon
Love is a weapon

Laughter I’m just laughing thinking of you
Laughter is a muse that is used by you to amuse
Like a wolf dressed up in sheep’s clothes creating clouds of indecision
You know that laughter is a tool, was it made to fool you?

Love is a weapon
Love is a weapon

They say the devil is in the detail
But all I hear from you are intricate tales

Love is a weapon

Weather report:

Doing today?
Morning with kids then down to Oxford to play a festival and spend the weekend there with Lily-Jo for our anniversary

Feeling today?
Relief to have made it through the month! Definitely going to be keeping up writing regularly.

Who/what inspired you?
A riff  from Adam Shardlow.

Song about:
The thought that Love always wins - it’s the best weapon.