4 AUGUST 2018


Song name: Where is the sun
Instrument and key: Ukulele F
Creation time: 50 minutes


Where is the sun?
Where have you gone?
I have been waiting all summer for you to come

We were looking forward to a lovely day with you
But you hid your face away
Saw you way down the road, tried to get to you
But you disappeared without a trace

Where did it all go wrong?
Who took away your warmth?

You know life was much better when you were a go-getter
So believe me darling when I say I need you


Where’s the sun gone? - Getting bullied out the way by another rainstorm
And I feel so cold without you in my life
Don’t leave it too long - it’ll be a better day when you turn the lights on
I can’t get you out of my mind

It’s been a long old lonely time
Without you by my side

And if I could ever help you feel any better
Believe me sunshine I’d never leave you


Weather report:

Doing today?
Mainly sound checks and gigs here at the festival, after show drinks with LJ & dancers.

Feeling today?
Been full on so I’m flagging. Only had this morning and late tonight to write the song.

Who/what inspired you?
Inspired by Lily-Jo singing about the weather.

Song about:
A cloudy day.