7 AUGUST 2018


Song name: On the Line
Instrument and key: Guitar Abm
Creation time: 45 minutes


Down goes your body I’ll hold you steady this time
Never really ready for that which moves the course of your life
Then you wake up, to find your old life has gone
Across the water, your new one had begun
And you were on the run

Been having trouble sleeping when you’re gone gone gone
Who’d have thought it was you that would right my wrongs
I was on the line but I’m ok this time

Found all your old letters cut to the core of me
Thank God that I changed my ways back in 1983
‘Cause I remembered who’s protecting me
Now I’ve forgotten and shed the pain and grief in me
It’s got no hold on me


I was on the line but I’m ok this time

Weather report:
Rainy morning, cloud cover but warm.

Doing today?
Early surf at Perranporth, breakfast in cafe with LJ, skate park with kids, diazepam for back, spaced out afternoon writing this blog on caravan. Came round, started writing an uplifting song with LJ - put that on hold and started to work on a more minor key song. Went to see a friend of mine play and bumped into Meg from Wildwood Kin so arranged to do a song with them later. Tried out a new prototype amplifier called Waring Amplification, Richard Waring is on site with his company Liquid Sound - amazing sound out of the amp - breaking up just at the right point. I prefered the smaller 7 watt 1 channel amp.

Feeling today?
Feel great for getting up and out to surf but pretty beat up now.

Who/what inspired you?
Jacqueline who we met last night told us her story.

Song about:
Jacqueline's story.