8 AUGUST 2018


Song name: All I Can Hear
Instrument and key: Guitar Bb
Creation time: 2 hours


If mistakes were never made,
Chances never taken,
Nobody played the game

If minds were never changed
And hearts were never broken
And everything unspoken remained

The sky would still glow
And fires still burn
The world would still turn just the same
The winds is your soul
And it roars across the ocean
And all I can hear is you call my name

If love was never made
Opinions unspoken
You were never broken with with fear

Nobody lost control
Or changed their direction
And all their intentions were clear

Doing today?
Rehearsal with Soul box and LJ for filming session in hot air balloon, writing with a radio presenter, meeting potential franchisee for my business, writing more. Watched Wildwood Kin, watched Dylan drop in from a halfpipe on the skateboard after three days!

Feeling today?
Struggling for inspiration. Was happy with yesterday's song and now trying to stay on course with the writing but felt pressured today.

Weather report:
Cloudy with spots of sun.

Who/what inspired you?
Desperation for a song - tried to think of a different concept to usual lyrics.

Song about:
Destiny. God chasing you down.